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A marvellous resource

“The Complete Poetry Resource is a marvellous resource for students. It provides a very effective platform for the examination and for developing the higher-order thinking skills that help bridge the gap between secondary school and university.”

~ Lisa Hosking, St Andrew’s, Johannesburg

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Everything a student requires

“The English Experience publications have proved to be invaluable sources for both myself and my Grade 12 students. The Complete Poetry Resource contains everything that a student requires to place the poems in a historical context, without too much clutter, and to successfully negotiate the final exams.”

~ Deneys Williamson, St. Dominic’s College

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Sound guidance

“The Poetry Resource is user-friendly, compact and offers sound guidance. The analysis provides a good starting point from which students can grasp the basics and then move into more detailed discussion and depth about interpreting the poem.”

~ Sandy Woolard, St Mark’s

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Putting learners at ease

“Our learners absolutely love the Poetry Resource. It puts them at ease.”

~ Petronella Munian, St Benedict’s, Pinetown

Our Schools
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Experience Poetry
Poems and Learning Materials for Grades 8 and 9

Table of Contents

About The English Experience 6
Our approach 6
Using this resource 7

Introduction to Poetry: Making art with words
Reading and understanding poetry 9
Found poetry exercise 17
Poetry revision quiz 19
Glossary of poetic terms 22

Section 1:
Poetic Devices: Linking language, structure and meaning

1.1 Tone, Imagery and Diction
       Colouring with tone 24
       Exploring imagery 27
       Dallying with diction 29
       Exercise 1: Skills Task 34
       Exercise 2: Poetry Task 37
       Exercise 3: Creative Task 40

1.2 Rhythm and Rhyme
       Rhythm: Pulse of poetry 43
       Rhyme: Catchy matches 46
       Meaning behind the music 48
       Exercise 1: Skills Task 49
       Exercise 2: Poetry Task 51
       Exercise 3: Creative Task 54

1.3 Structure
       Enjambment: Going with the flow 56
       Making a point with punctuation 58
       Exercise 1: Skills Task 60
       Exercise 2: Poetry Task 63
       Exercise 3: Creative Task 66

1.4 Sound Devices
       Alluring alliteration 68
       Contemplating consonance and assessing assonance 70
       Out of the ordinary with onomatopoeia 72
       Exercise 1: Skills Task 72
       Exercise 2: Poetry Task 73
       Exercise 3: Creative Task 76

1.5 Comparative Devices
       Scintillating simplicity of similes 79
       Making it memorable with metaphors 80
       Personification with purpose 81
       Exercise 1: Skills Task 82
       Exercise 2: Poetry Task 84
       Exercise 3: Creative Task 86

1.6 Humour
       Satire, parody and caricature: Making a mockery 88
       Poking pun 92
       Exercise 1: Skills Task 94
       Exercise 2: Poetry Task 95
       Exercise 3: Creative Task 98

Section 2:
Poetic Forms: Learning the rules, and then breaking them

2.1 The Sonnet
       Colluding with the classics 99
       Petrarchan sonnets: The Italian connection 99
       Shakespearean sonnets: Enter the Bard 102
       The Bop: A modern twist on a traditional form 105
       Exercises: The Sonnet 108

2.2 The Ballad
       It's all about the drama 115
       Exercises: The Ballad 120

2.3 The Lyric
       Emoting through melody 126
       Exercises: The Lyric 131

2.4 The Ode
       Singing your praises 136
       Exercises: The Ode 142

2.5 The Villanelle
       Beauty in structure 149
       Exercises: The Villanelle 154

2.6 Free Verse
       Freedom of expression 159
       Exercises: Free Verse 163

Section 3:
Unseen Poetry

Going with your Gut: Tips and guidelines

"The Olympic Runner" 171
"An Abandoned Bundle"> 174
"Another Reason Why I Don't Keep a Gun in the House" 177
"Roar" 180

Section 4:
Exercises and Enrichment Tasks

Flaunting your skills

"To His Young Mistress" 184
"How Do I Love Thee?"> 188
"Anthem for Doomed Youth" 192
"Not Waving But Drowning" 195
"Pig Song" 198
"Cheetah" 202
"My Name" 206

Acknowledgements 210

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