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Henry V
The Complete Guide and Resource

Suggested for Grades 10 and 11
Download your free sample (2.7MB, PDF)

What’s so special about this resource?
This resource breathes new life into Shakespeare and this famous play. Accessible and entertaining, this rigorous resource is the ideal way to prepare Grade 10 and 11 students for Grade 12 Shakespeare. The content is fresh, engaging and divided into accessible, digestible sections, which feature numerous quirky, interesting and fun facts.

The Grade 12 Shakespeare syllabus and Paper II examination essay will be manageable and straightforward for students who have developed their skills and critical appreciation using this stimulating resource.


This comprehensive resource includes:
  • full text of the play (rigorously annotated)
  • extensive introduction to Shakespeare and the Elizabethan era
  • guide to Shakespearean language
  • detailed historical and literary backgrounds
  • accessible summaries
  • rich literary analyses
  • comprehensive essay section, including guidelines and annotated examples
  • diverse content-related questions (short, contextual and essay questions)
  • challenging enrichment tasks
  • companion suggested answers CD*

* CD sold separately

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