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The Complete Guide and Resource

Recommended for Grades 10 and 11

Table of Contents

About The English Experience 5
Our approach to Shakespeare 5
Using this resource 6

Introduction to Shakespeare
Meet William Shakespeare 9
Shakespeare in context 15
Shakespeare’s theatre 21
Guide to reading Shakespeare’s plays 25

Shakespearean language
An introduction to literary terms 29
Shakespeare-related literary terms 31
Imagery and Figures of Speech in Hamlet 33

Background to the play
Historical context 37
Literary context 40
'Valour is the chiefest virtue'. A short story of Coriolanus 43
Character analysis 47
Plot structure 53
Themes, motifs and symbols 57
Quotations and quips 68
Key facts 72

Summaries and analyses
Using this section 73
Act One 73
Act Two 87
Act Three 93
Act Four 100
Act Five 109

The mini essay
Guidelines 120
Planning and structuring your essay 120
Annotated essay examples 123
General essay questions 125
Examination preparation 130

The play
A note on the text 132
Annotated play 133

Acknowledgements 237

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