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Antony & Cleopatra (Grd 12)
Coriolanus (Grades 10-11)
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Hamlet (Grades 10-11)
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Suggested Answers CD

Recommended for Grades 10 and 11

Why order this CD?
The Suggested Answers CD provides well-considered, scaffolded model answers to the questions posed throughout the Resource. Crafted by the same expert educators involved in the drafting of the questions, the answers are structured and written in the same way that students will be expected to respond in the examination.

Kept separate to ensure that students are encouraged to attempt all of the questions on their own first, the answers are conveniently presented in a visually-appealing PDF document that can be viewed on-screen or printed out.

Benefits of this CD:
  • Convenient PDF format (no additional software required)
  • Professionally designed, visually appealing document
  • Crafted by the experts involved in the drafting of the questions
  • Well-considered, scaffolded model answers to every question
  • Written and structured in the same way that students will be expected to respond

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