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“I am very impressed with this interesting, accessible and soundly researched guide. I feel proud to have a resource of this quality associated with my novel.”

~ Sarah Penny, Author

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The Beneficiaries
The Complete Guide and Resource

Table of Contents

About The English Experience 5
Our approach 5
Using this resource 6

Background to the novel
Author background 8
"The Beneficiaries, boarding school and me" 8
Interview with Sarah Penny 11
Historical context 14
Apartheid timeline 14
The Truth and Reconciliation Commission 17
Enrichment tasks 23
Introduction to the novel 33
Synopsis 33
Major characters 33
Themes 34
Fact sheet 35
What the critics said (extracted reviews and discussion points) 35
Enrichment task 36

Critical commentary: part one
Preparation 37
How to read novels for academic analysis 37
Glossary of important literary terms 38
Summaries and analysis
Using this section 39
Setting the scene — London and the Eastern Cape (Pages 3 to 17) 39
Restlessness, escape and denial (Pages 18 to 44) 43
Turning point (Pages 45 to 58) 49
The search for true things (Pages 59 to 70) 54
Fractures and traditions (Pages 71 to 93) 59
The language of bodies (Pages 94 to 110) 66

Critical commentary: part two
Summaries and analysis
Searches and hiding places (Pages 113 to 138) 72
Discovery and disappearance (Pages 139 to 166) 79
Visitations from the past (Pages 167 to 179) 88
The damages of childhood (Pages 180 to 198) 93
Resolution and reconciliation (Pages 199 to 211) 99
Homecoming (Pages 212 to 223) 107
Enrichment tasks 112

Literary analysis
Plot analysis 126
Narration and structure 127
Character analysis 130
Themes 136
Motifs and symbols 141
Important quotations 143
Enrichment tasks 150

The literary essay
Essay writing techniques 158
Annotated essay examples 163
General essay questions 168
Examination preparation 172
Revision reading quiz 173
Suggested further reading 177

Perforated rubrics for enrichment tasks and essays
Review writing task 179
Transactional writing task 181
Literary essay 183

Acknowledgements 191

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